Alleviate Nocturnal Enuresis
Deep Sleep & High Spirit

My son arranged the installation of IONWOOD Flooring in my room such that I could rest in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Couldn’t sleep well and nocturnal enuresis problem.


After installing IONWOOD Flooring, I could sleep easily and deeply. I become more alert. Surprisingly, my nocturnal enuresis problem has been alleviated from 4-5 times to 1-2 times. IONWOOD Flooring has brought back my health indeed!

Madam Lee
81 years old , Petaling Jaya
Installation date: 8 Feb 2014


Reduce Room’s Dirt
Breathe Smoothly & More Energetic

After my mom installed IONWOOD Flooring, her sleep and breathing has improved significantly, hence I decide to install IONWOOD Flooring too.

Easily get tired, air contaminated


After installing IONWOOD Flooring, the room’s dirt has reduced significantly, the air is getting fresh, I am surprised! Besides that, sleeping in the room with IONWOOD Flooring, my sleep quality is improved, I am able to take care of my family and kids tirelessly.

Ms. June
35 years old , Kajang
Installation date: 20 Jan 2014


Get Rid Of Sleep Disorder
Sleep Well Throughout The Night

Home not well-ventilated, hope to improve air quality at home.

Poor sleep quality, no deep rest


After the installation of negative ion wood Flooring, I feel like bringing the forest back home. My house’s ventilation was not good previously but now I can feel the freshness at home and it’s soothing. At night, I can sleep easily and sleep well throughout the night. I am getting more energetic these days.

Madam Poh
62 years old , Kajang
Installation date: 24 Dec 2013


Improve Sleep Quality
Reduce Hypertension

To try out latest Ionwood Flooring technology in the hope of improving health quality.

Poor sleep quality, hypertension


Since installation of IONWOOD Flooring, I feel that the air in my house is getting fresher, my breathing is much smoother and I feel so relaxed. When I sleep at night, I could feel the natural fresh air and my sleep quality has been improved. Besides that, I suffer from hypertension for many years and need to control it with medication. To my surprise, my blood pressure is back to normal during recent health check. IONWOOD Flooring has indeed improved my health and my life!

Mr. Ong
54 years old , Puchong
Installation date: Dec 2013


Best Present For Family
Fresh Air Improves Health

I am always busy with work outside, after knowing about IONWOOD Flooring, I decided to bring the best wood Flooring for my family in the hope that my family get to enjoy the freshest air.

Poor sleep quality, as staying near industrial area, air quality is poor.


After installing IONWOOD Flooring for about 2 weeks, I find that indoor and outdoor’s air qualities are very much different. The air at home is refreshing, my sleep quality has improved a lot. Installing IONWOOD Flooring is a wise choice!

Mr. Teoh
43 years old , Taiping
Installation date: 24 Oct 2013


Nose Allergy Improved
Sleep Well & Feel Alert

We came across IONWOOD Flooring on a sales exhibition and understood about the importance of fresh air. Hence, we 've decided to install IONWOOD flooring in our home.

Poor sleep quality, nose allergy, bad quality of room's air


After installing IONWOOD Flooring, our sleep quality has improved a lot. Previously my wife suffered from nose allergy and the dirt had aggravated her condition. By living in the IONWOOD Flooring environment which is full of fresh air, my wife’s nose allergy has improved tremendously, we are truly excited!

Mr. Chan
55 years old , Petaling Jaya
Installation date: 17 Aug 2013


Just Like Being In The Forest
Enhance The Benefits Of Yoga

Enjoy life and live in the moment.

Poor sleep quality

I’m a yoga teacher and although I am more than 70 years old, my body is still quite tough. After I installed IONWOOD, the refreshing indoor air makes me energetic. When I sleep on IONWOOD, it is so cozy as if the air-conditioning is switched on but the air doesn’t feel dry, therefore my sleep quality has improved a lot.

I used to test the concentration of ions, it showed an amazing result of 3000/cm³, just like living in the forest. Besides, my yoga students love IONWOOD very much. Many are reluctant to go home after class and leave my beautiful IONWOOD floos. I’m so happy with the results!

Wong Yoke Ching
76 years old , Rawang
Installation date: 21 July 2013


Keep Insomnia And Nocturia Away.
Breath Smoothly Without Gasping

Recommended by a friend, concept of IONWOOD is good.

Insomnia, nocturia, diabetic, high blood pressure and breathing difficulty

After installing IONWOOD, I found that the air quality of our house has improved. I can now switch off the air conditioning when it rains and now it is refreshing even without switching on the fan. My nocturia problem has been solved and I feel much more alert now. Most importantly, my health has improved. I can breath smoothly and my blood sugar and blood pressure have returned to the normal range. Besides that, my 80-year-old mom now has a good sleep and is not suffering from any more headaches. Sometimes after my meetings, I will tell my friends that I am returning home to my very own private forest for a good sleep! I have experienced the goodness of IONWOOD myself and thoroughly recommend it!

Koay Lee Huan
64 years old , Bukit Mertajam
Installation date: 15 July 2013


Sleep Well And Be Energized
Relax Your Body And Mind

An agent tested the negative ion content in my house and found out that it was 0 in the living room and bedroom. After putting on a few pieces of IONWOOD, the negative ion content raised up to more than 1000/ cm³, I was totally shocked! Hence, I decided to install IONWOOD.

Poor sleep, awake easily

I seldom sleep well, am easily awakened. This leaves me feeling tired when I wake up in the morning. After installing IONWOOD, I ­felt extremely refreshed in my room. It helps to relax my body and mind, I sleep well every night and wake up full of spirit. IONWOOD flooring has enhanced the quality of my life, I get to enjoy life more!

Yee Kok Chiew
37 years old, Bukit Mertajam
Installation date: June 2013


Say Bye To Severe Headache
Sleep Well And Stay Alert

My daughter was impressed with the functions of IONWOOD Flooring, was hoping that it helped to improve my health.

Headache, insomnia


I am 89 years old, used to suffer from severe headache but I refused to see a doctor as I thought it wouldn’t be cured. However, after sleeping on IONWOOD floor for 3 days, my headache had gone away. Most importantly, I sleep very well, my daughter told me that I even snored! I haven’t slept so well before, my sincere thank to SUGAWA IONWOOD!

Teo Siew Khe
89 years old , Bukit Mertajam
Installation date: June 2013