6 Functions of IONWOOD

Pioneering 21st Century Technology Negative Ion Wooden Floor
The Only Floor with Negative Ions

IONWOOD Flooring is the first of its kind in the world to use negative ion activation technology in wood flooring. To produce the highest quality negative ion floor, we choose only high grade and natural negative ion polarity materials with tourmaline nano-energy. We then use composite materials technology combined with quality wood to activate the negative ions. Our flooring will permanently release negative ions or "air vitamins" if you like, into the air, so that you can enjoy the fresh air of the forests.



6 Functions of IONWOOD

Negative Ions

When the atoms or molecules in the air lose or gain electrons, charged particles is formed, called ions; positive charge is called a positive ion, negative charge is called a negative ion. Some air molecules release electrons, and these electrons soon neutralize molecules in the air to become negatively charged gas ions. These are called negative ions. In nature, negative ions are generated from sunlight, lightning, ocean waves and waterfalls. Negative ions can improve the nervous system, cardiovascular system, blood system and the respiratory system.

EO System

Usually after renovation work is completed, occupants' eyes tend to feel irritated. This is caused by the pungent smelling gas - formaldehyde, which is found in the paints and adhensives used. On 5th June 2004, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced under clause 153 that formaldehyde is the main cause of many cancers. This prompted European countries to regulate all construction materials to contain the level of formaldehyde under E1 to ensure that human health is not adversely affected. Our multi-layered engineered solid wood flooring boards takes this to a higher level by bringing to you flooring boards that has achieved the EO level, whereby the formaldehyde content is lower than that set according to the European standards. Multi-layered engineered solid wood floorings offers you luxury, quality and safe living.

Surface Protection

The surface of our multi-layer engineered solid wood flooring boards is coated with 11 layers of undercoating varnish and 2 layers of finishing coating varnish. Therefore, the surfaces of our floor boards are well-protected against any liquids found in our living space: coffee, sauces, paints, fruit juices and so forth. You can be rest assured that no liquids will be able to seep through the surfaces of our multi-layer engineered solid wood flooring, keeping them glossy and in good condition always.

Resistant To Termites Attack

Did you know that humid weather conditions make an ideal breeding ground for termites? Australia, for example, faces serious problems with termites. Scientists have discovered a non-hazardous yet effective formula to help prevent termite attacks on wood products. This formula is strictly adhered to by the Australians and multi-layered engineered solid wood flooring boards are produced based on that stringent standard.

Stability System

The structures of multi-layered engineered solid wood flooring are built by arranging various layers of constructional veneers that are bonded face to face with the grain running in alternate directions. This method has been recognized as an effective way to prevent unequal shrinkage of wood. IONWOOD flooring products are more resistant to expansion and contraction than solid hardwood floors due to its multi cross-layered base that renders it extremely stable.

Scratch Resistant

Our multi-layered flooring is coated with sapphire powder. This coating can effectively prevent the floor from scratches. An experiment done on the surface of the flooring using a diamond needle showed that the surface of the flooring is resistant towards scratches (rated as H9). The results show that these floorings are suitable and safe to be used in commercial buildings. This wood flooring can add value to a property as well as reduce the cost of repair or maintenance.