What is IONWOOD?

IONWOOD floor is the world's first wood floor that can release negative ions. Its staggered, solid and orderly-layered structure is resistant to any impact from the weather and has six great benefits including negative ions infusion, stability, comfort, zero formaldehyde, anti-termite as well as scratch and surface protection. SUGAWA IONWOOD is the first company in Malaysia to engineer wood flooring combined with negative ions.


What are negative ions?

Under the environmental effect and energical function , air or water molecules might lose electrons and become positive ions. The electrons escaped might combine with other molecules and form negative ions.


Can we feel the presence of negative ions?

When we walk by the sea, waterfalls and forests, we feel comfortable, relaxed and calm due to large amount of negative ion present in the air. Polluted enviroment has deficient amount of negative ion. Negative ion is also known as 'longevity element' or 'air vitamin' because of its health value and ecological effect. After a century of testing and practice at home around the world, advancement in technology has allowed us to recognize the importance of negative ions even more clearly.


How long will negative ions in IONWOOD remain effective? Will the concentration of negative ions reduce with time?

The negative ions released from our wood is long lasting. Our wood comes from ores like tourmaline that can persistently release negative ions over time. By the same token, tourmaline can release negative ions regardless of time and without reduction in concentration. However, the presence of positive ions in the air and water can affect the amount of negative ions in your environment.


How does IONWOOD floor release negative ions?

IONWOOD flooring is uses the latest technology - tourmaline glued in multi-layer composite flooring. Electrical power produced by micro-currents, of oxygen in the air catches the water molecules and is then converted into negative oxygen ions, the so-called negative ions.


What affects the level of negative ions in the IONWOOD floor?

The following reasons may affect the negative ion Index reading:

  • Not enough humidity in the air. Humidity is not enough in air-conditioned room - only about 37, humidity in the air is up to 50 to 60 at the best. To feel more comfortable, install humidifier every three hundred feet to ensure humidity, so that negative ions can balance stability.
  • Too many positive ions in the environment, such as plastic, formaldehyde, dust, tobacco, and other objects that affect the negative ions.
  • Testers did not use negative ion tester, the tester did not tune properly
  • Humidifier used for less than an hour
  • Too many static objects.


Air conditioners and air purifiers have negative ions. Why install negative ion floor?

Negative ion air-conditioners and air purifiers operate through a negative ion generator in the outlet. It produces negative ions by changing the voltage. Studies shows that the result is limited and you have to keep the appliances switched on in order to function. In addition, air conditioners and air purifiers have limited coverage. The effective distance is about 30 centimeters to one meter, and there will be other factors in the air that affect these devices resulting in insufficient negative ions to purify the indoor air. IONWOOD covers the entire expanse of flooring at home and continues to release negative ions, so that you can enjoy the freshness of the forest in your home.


What’s the difference between solid and engineered wood flooring?

Solid wood products are milled from one piece of wood into boards. They should not be installed at places with high humidity as moisture makes them expand and contract. Wood floors are easy to maintain and easy to scratch. They need to be re-sanded, polished and re-painted after 2 or 3 years. It may have a pungent odour and an increased risk of formaldehyde inhalation which is hazardous to human health.

Made from real wood, engineered wood is constructed of multiple layers of cross-grain woods that are bonded together. They can be used in places with moisture problems because they are the most structurally stable wood flooring product.


Does Ionwood provide measurement and installation services?

Yes. We make all the necessary arrangements after the customer has filled up the measurement enquiry form. The installer will visit your site and then provide you with a quotation.

There will be charges should you need additional services such as moving furniture, removing carpets and subfloors or installing baseboards. Don’t worry though, we will be sure to discuss with you our pricing before starting work. Please refer to your sales contract for the pricing details of each service.

In short, IONWOOD floor is easy to install and service. Out installation is done by trained professionals with excellent skills. In addition, we will provide a clear installation time frame. Companies are also given our negative ion flooring warranty and guarantee.


Does IONWOOD contain formaldehyde?

Our wood complies with stringent standards for emissions of formaldehyde, certified as E0. E0 is the abbreviation for the lowest European formaldehyde emissions class; whereby E0 is the class with no hazardous emissions. The adhesives that we use are also environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free. Our wood will not emit any strong or unpleasant odour.


Can I install IONWOOD in bathrooms or wet areas?

It is not recommended to install our flooring in bathrooms or wet areas where it is likely that water will be spilled. Areas such as kitchens are fine as long as water spillage is cleaned up as soon as possible.


What are the available types of wood?

IONWOOD flooring total have 9 types, divided into two projects, Tropical Woods and Imported American Woods

Tropical Woods:
1. Kembang Semangkuk (KSK): KSK Classic, Royal KSK
2. Merbau:Merbau Classic, Royal Merbau
3. Chunteh:Chunteh Classic

Imported American Woods:
1. American Cherry
2. American White Oak, American Royal Oak
3. American Walnut


Can IONWOOD be used outdoors?

We do not recommend our flooring for outdoor use.


Does IONWOOD have international certification?

Currently IONWOOD floor has been certified by the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application (JAIRA), Switzerland SGS and China NACC (China National Analytical Center) - proving that negative ions can be released from the floor at a reading of over 3000/cm ³ of the air ion index , equivalent to the forest air.


Will walking with high heels damage IONWOOD floors?

Yes. This is because all of the weight is concentrated on the tip of the heel. In fact, most wood floors are prone to be damaged by high heels.


Why do some newly renovated floors produce a low negative ion reading?

The interior contains a variety of harmful gases and odours. Decoration materials and furniture used in the renovation process also releases formaldehyde, benzene, ketones, ammonia and other irritant gases. A newly installed IONWOOD floor will begin releasing negative ions and start eliminating the harmful gases and odors. Test results show that the concentration of negative ions is not high initially. After some time , the concentration of negative ions will gradually increase .


Is IONWOOD floor waterproof?

IONWOOD floor has 12 layers of paint to withstand water. However, the seams between the planks will be prone to water damage and may cause long-term issues such as moldy floor. It is recommended that any water or spilled drinks , must be cleaned immediately and wiped dry.


Why install IONWOOD floor?

Negative ion flooring is the easiest way to get healthy without changing your lifestyle. In addition, without any additional effort on your part, as long as back home, you will be surrounded with the freshness of negative ions 24 hours a day. Enjoy a comfortable environment, good health, relieve stress, feel good and protect your family's health.


Why install IONWOOD floor in the office?

The workplace is a competitive and filled with positive ions. IONWOOD flooring has the refreshing effect of negative ions to help improve work efficiency. In addition, a clear mind will also help people make the right decisions.