Top Layer Hardwood Nyatoh, Kembang Semangkuk, Merbau, American Walnut, American White Oak

Edge/End Style : Tongue and Groove (T&G), pre-finished

Floor type : Multi Layered (8 layers) Engineered Hardwood Floor with Negative Ions

Negative Ion : Release > 2000/cm ³ Air Ions Index
(Ref. Japan Jaira, China NACC & Switzerland SGS)

Installation : Floating floor

Finish : 12 layers of Treffert’s Ultra violet cured acrylic lacquer oil with sapphire powder.
- No formaldehyde
- No VOC Emission

Pencil Hardness : ASTM D3363 SH:4H
Test Crack GH:8H

Hamberger Plane Tester : 40 N